Why Invest in real estate in Turkey?

Developing Economy

Exceeding the 800 billion US dollar GDP, real GDP growth is estimated in excess of 5% per annum, reaching US $ 153 billion with exports of heavy world’s 17th largest economy, it is making Turkey an ideal country for real estate investment.

Large, Dynamic Population

Turkey has a population of about 82 million, over 60% of which is part of the younger generation. These young people are beter placed to set up businesses and support the expansion of the Turkish economy. In extra, changing customs and traditions in the country mean that younger people are leaving parental homes earlier and setting out on their own.

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Low Taxes and invitation

Any investor will want to invest in a country that offers incentives across various industries. Turkey offers incentives in various fields, the corporate tax rate was reduced to 20% from 33%.

Large Internal Market

Turkey, because of the crowd and the local population has learned a very big market. Tourist arrivals peaked in 2012 with 32 million tourists. This creates an ideal investment opportunity for property developers.

Good Infrastructure

Well-developed air, land and sea transport, energy sector and improved transportation and communication in highly advanced technological infrastructure of other developing countries as Turkey where they will be safe and profitable investment is to put a lot into.

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